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If your business relies on your Wordpress website, you need someone to support it. To provide you with knowledge about how to best use Wordpress. To make changes on your behalf to the content and the design. To fix problems as they occur.

We operate a professional Support Service during UK business hours where you deal directly with people who design and develop in Wordpress, day in and day out. We know Wordpress inside out. We will give your company website the service and support that it needs.


Supported Cover


per month, per site and including VAT

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Critical Cover


per month, per site and including VAT

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  1. Limited to one per Quarter inclusive
  2. Limited to one per Month inclusive
  3. Only if the problem occurs not from any actions by the customer
  4. Limited to a maximum of 1hr of work per month

Need more of our time?

Most websites need occasional support but what if you have a busy website that needs changes made regularly, each and every month? You can add up to 7 more hours per month to our Content Support plan. Customers on this type of contract can carry over their unused hours for 1 month, giving you flexibility in how you use the time available.

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