As a result of the special circumstances that have arisen through the global coronavirus pandemic, we want to offer support to fellow small businesses, also the healthcare and food sectors.

Free Covid notices for existing customers

For any existing or recent customers, we will be happy to provide our time to add a Covid information popup to your website that will notify visitors of how the situation has affected you. On WordPress sites, this will be a simple popup that leads to a dedicated page on your website, where you have complete control over the text within. There will be no charge for this effort if you are a current or recent customer.

Pay after 3 months for new design and development

For existing customers we are offering to delay invoicing for 3 months on any design and development work on WordPress sites. Although the present situation has caused a great deal of disruption, we are also aware that it can be an ideal time to focus on website improvements, either to attract customers who are now increasingly online or in preparation for a ‘return to normal’ in future.

Free advice for any healthcare or food related businesses

We fully support the amazing work being done by our truly courageous NHS but equally by smaller organisations who are helping people stay healthy during this crisis. Similarly, we are grateful for the strength shown by small businesses within the food sector in helping us all stay well-fed. If you are a small business owner or charity operating in these industries we are happy to offer free advice on how you can improve your website to support the need for better online experiences right now.

We are happy to talk! Please call us on 0330 223 2883 or contact us via this website.